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Your safety is our priority – Mon Amour Massage

Your safety is our priority – Mon Amour Massage

At the Mon Amour erotic massage parlor, we have always adhered to very high hygiene standards and we will continue to do so. With current concerns regarding the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, your health and safety are always an absolute priority.

We want to take this opportunity to inform you of our commitment to keeping customers and staff healthy.

In an effort to continue to serve and offer you the highest standard of service, we have instituted the below guidelines and protocols to follow when you visit our salon. Our new policies and procedures meet or exceed the standards described by local and national regulatory bodies.

1. All services are by appointment only. Please call us during regular business hours at +4 (073) 288-9966 / +4 (021) 316-8838 to schedule an appointment. Also, you can privately and easily book your appointment through our online booking system.

2. In order to maintain safe clinic atmospheres, we’re advising anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms to reschedule or cancel their appointment. This helps to protect staff members as well as other clients from being exposed to COVID-19 and any other virus.

3. We ask you to wait in your vehicle until at your appointment time, to minimize social contact, and to avoid gathering in waiting areas.

4. Wearing of face mask is mandatory. We provide this equipment for free if needed.

5. Upon entering, the shift managers will check customers’ temperature using an infrared thermometer which is simply pointed to the forehead and provide an instant-read. It’s a simple, rapid, and a non-contact process. If your temperature is above 37.3°C (99.14°F), we will need to re-schedule your appointment until you feel better.

Also, the masseuses’ temperature will be taken at the start of their shift to make sure they do not feel unwell/have no symptoms of COVID.

6. We kindly ask you to use hand sanitizers. Disinfectants are available in all of our rooms, but you should also ensure to wash your hands frequently.

7. We will still accept cash but we recommend you choose the card payment.

8. Avoid handshakes and hugs while greeting and interacting with persons in the parlor.

9. Be aware of your personal space and practice physical distancing of at least 1,5 meters in the common areas of the salon (reception, and hallways). Please be patient if you are asked to wait in a designated area in order to enforce social distancing measures.

10. Please wash your hands thoroughly upon arrival with the antibacterial hand soap provided and warm water. Showering is now mandatory and shower gels will continue to be available at all bathrooms. You are also very welcome to have your post-session shower, which remains optional.

11. You are asked to exit the parlor in an orderly manner adhering to the physical distancing protocols.

12. Please be aware that we reserve the right to decline a booking from any client showing cold or flu symptoms. We ask that you do not visit the parlor if:

– you have fever or symptoms of respiratory infection (cough, sore throat, or shortness of breath).

– you have been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the last 14 days.

The following hygiene protocols are in place at the Mon Amour parlor:

– We have implemented rotational sanitation procedures for all common surfaces, multiple times throughout the day. Although we have always done it, now we put much more emphasis on cleaning and disinfecting tasks in common areas. We clean and disinfect any object in any common area, as well as any object that clients touch.

– Rooms are cleaned and sanitized regularly, and all linens and the towels are replaced, after each treatment. All towels and bedlinen used are laundered at high temperatures and provided fresh for your visit. We also provide customers with disposable slippers.

– We wipe down all items used in the massage area with antibacterial spray or wipes after each massage takes place. This includes door handles, light switches, oil bottles as well as any other items used. We clean our bathrooms with bleach products and antibacterial spray/wipes after each client.

– Before and after your visit, we pay attention to the extensive disinfection of the contact surfaces in rooms and bathrooms, as well as adequate ventilation of the rooms. For this purpose, we use UV Germicidal lamps with Ozone to destroy any bacteria, viruses, or fungi.

– All disinfectants used in the parlor are verified to ensure they meet the EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

– To ensure cleaner airflow, we have installed HEPA filters in our air conditioner units. This device eliminates over 99.9% of all impurities.

– We set a 30 minutes period between each session to perform the necessary sanitation protocols and complete the procedures detailed above.

– Our girls practice impeccable standards of personal hygiene. Some of the protocols include, but are not limited to, showering before and after each session. This has always been mandatory and all our girls will continue to practice this. Hair is kept clean and tied up for the duration of each session.

We also carry out medical control and analysis of all our masseuses. Additionally, all of our staff are instructed to stay at home if they experience any symptoms of the disease.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and carefully to make sure we are taking all precautions to protect our clients and staff members alike.

Thank you for understanding and adhering to these rules and we assure you that Mon Amour is the safest erotic massage parlor in Bucharest.

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